How to Ace Your Commercial Interior Design Project

What is Commercial Interior Design?

Creating a commercial space that adds value to your property is an important undertaking for any business or landlord. You need to find the right balance between style and functionality, keeping your employees or tenants day-to-day in mind. Commercial interior design is about finding creative and resourceful ways to make your space serve a purpose. Whether it’s an office, retail space, or a rental property, having a keen eye for design will ensure that the space reaches its full potential, and in turn, so will the people who use it. 

Get the Right Team Behind You

Jessica Cox Design has formed an exciting new partnership with HQ Renovations. Two companies collaborating with the shared passion of developing stand-out commercial spaces with the client at the forefront of our decisions. Working with a builder and interior designer team opens up so many new opportunities for our clients, allowing them to make bigger bolder decisions about their commercial property.  

About Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox Design has been creating spaces with an innovative and professional approach for many years, expertly guiding clients throughout the entire design process. Having worked on an extensive portfolio of commercial spaces, Jessica Cox Design provides memorable designs that are unique to each individual project. 

About HQ Renovations

HQ Renovations has been working with commercial clients across London and the UK for over 30 years. Whether it’s upgrading your office building, or increasing your rental property value, HQ Renovations offers a full range of services to achieve the space of your dreams while prioritising quality and affordability.

What We Can Do for You

As a team we can transform your commercial property at any stage. Whether you’re a landlord or property manager looking to make your space ‘move in ready’ or you’re a business owner hoping to personalise your space so its ‘ready to use’ Jessica Cox Design and HQ Renovations will help you on your journey to make your vision a reality. 

Cat A+

Ready to Move 

Transform your empty shell and core of a space into a functional, compliant blank canvas. Our Cat A+ fit outs kit your property out with all the basics you need for your tenant to move in and settle. Our stylish neutral décor adds value to the property while appealing to a wide audience who could easily visualise themselves within the space. 

Cat B

Ready to Use 

Add a personal flair to your office or retail space by incorporating your business branding. With a Cat B fit out, our team helps businesses build a cohesive, stylish, and recognisable atmosphere that focuses on tailoring a space to your unique wants and needs.  

The Commercial Interior Design Process

Now you know who and what commercial interior design is for, where do you go from there? With a renovation and design team by your side you’ll be guided through every step of the journey. 


You’ll speak with our passionate team of experts to discuss your interior design goals and build a budget to make things happen. 



You’ll be able to get a clear visual of the project as we create CGIs and special mock-ups so you can see what the space could look like and make easy changes in the earliest stage of the project. 



We walk you through the upcoming process, so you know exactly what’s to come. We’ll provide you with samples of fabrics, carpets and so much more, collaborating with you on all the fun details along the way. 



Once the design is agreed upon, work starts, orders are placed, and a timeframe of the project is officially set. Our team and trusted contractors will take care of the space from health, safety and preparation to final details. 


Professional Photography:  

The opportunity to properly showcase the space in all its glory, perfect for landlords and agents, as well as fun news updates for businesses to share with their audience. 



We document the whole journey from start to finish, meaning we can create some fascinating guest blog content for your marketing team to share your transformation. 

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