Merry Christmas from Jessica Cox Design

We’ve come to the end of the year – and I’m sure no one needs reminding that 2020 has been a very different year compared to most. I myself have learnt so much and having had to adapt a business to cope with the challenges and struggles that two lockdowns, delivery delays, business closures and client’s circumstances has bought has been really tough, but I am also grateful – it has also been a very valuable lesson in how important it is to take a bit of time out to slow down and reflect on the positives and important things in life. 

I have been very lucky to have been busy since Jessica Cox Design started, so although it did feel very strange to slow right down and hit pause for a while – it has now just made me really ready to get back to it and to continue to strive to make the business as successful as it possibly can be! 


With some exciting ideas projects in the pipeline and our own house move and renovation due in 2021, I am now very ready to welcome in the New Year and share all the plans and ideas along the way. 


Christmas at JCD – The pink and teal theme continues (mainly because I bought a 17 meter roll of the pink paper last year and I am determined to make the most of every last piece…..)


I have noticed that people seem to have welcomed the festive period more than usual this year, which shows that decorating and dressing up interiors isn’t always just to make things look beautiful, but is a way to promote feelings of happiness and reinforce positive emotions – making spaces feel as cosy and safe as possible. Also a chance to change up the scenery after being in our homes so much this year, its a way to make the space feel different and to add a bit of sparkle and cheer. Never underestimate the power of accessorising! 


So this just leaves me to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you all can spend time quality time with loved ones, who are all happy and healthy. Enjoy all the festivities and let’s look forward to a bigger, better, more positive 2021 for us all!